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Violation Codes
Basic Speed Law: VC 22350

Driving at a speed that is "not safe" for conditions, due to weather, traffic, pedestrians, lighting, road conditions and at a speed which endangers persons or property . . . based on actual facts at the time of the alleged violation.

However, the Use of Radar or Laser by a Police Officer is Illegal - unless a Valid Engineering and Traffic Survey is on file, which justifies the "Posted Speed Limit. Generally, these Traffic Surveys are inadequate and the cases are dismissed. These are the SPEED TRAP Laws.

Maximum Speed Law: VC 22348A or VC 22356B

Driving on Freeway in excess of the Posted Maximum Speed Limit, i.e., 55, 65 or 70 MPH.

Driving in Excess of 100 mph VC 22348B

Driving on a street, freeway or highway in Excess of 100 MPH

Truck Speeding VC22406

Trucks [or vehicles towing a trailer] cannot drive at a speed in excess 55 MPH.

Speeding Laws

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Violation Codes

VC 22350 - Basic Speed Law
VC 21453 - Red Light
VC 41501 - Traffic School


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