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Greetings, and welcome to the website of  We are  hands down the best site for California residents or persons with a California traffic ticket, who are seeking information regarding any kind of traffic violation.  We specialize in speeding violations, red light violations, traffic school, as well as DMV matters and issues. You are sure to find the professional California Traffic Ticket Attorney services that will meet your needs right here.

I personally have over 43 years of trial experience . . . with an 86.57% case success rate [see Victory List].  The majority of ALL cases that we handle end with successful results for the client.  Our extensive "Victory List" is available right here on our website for all to view . . . you might not believe it otherwise. You can click below to hear a message from our founder, Sherman M. Ellison.  Or, if you are in need of an experienced, qualified California Traffic Ticket Attorney right away, you can fill out our Free Evaluation form or call us at 310.550.7777 for a FREE consultation regarding how we would handle your specific ticket.  We will take into consideration the specific facts regarding your ticket and your own personal reasons for having the ticket dismissed.

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